Benefit from virtual workers in the cloud

At Intelligent Automation by NORIAN we think that robots belong in the cloud. Our Automation as a Service (AaaS) model frees you from expensive IT integration and time-consuming maintenance. The software robots reside in a highly secure cloud computing facility that is ideally suited for automating business critical  processes.

When implementing and maintaining an enterprise-scale robot workforce, the devil lies in the details. You need to make sure that robots are working reliably 24/7, you need to be able to scale up operations to secure your return on investment and at the same time you need to focus on identifying new automation potential. Some companies are struggling with doing that all by themselves.

Automation as a Service is cost-efficient

With us as your AaaS partner, you will be able to tackle these challenges in an easy and cost-efficient way. Our customers benefit from an optimized robot environment in the cloud. Access from and to our customers’ systems and applications is organized through an encrypted and secure connection. In an AaaS setting, you can focus on identifying automation potential, optimizing processes and identifying new automation business cases. Maintaining the robots and their environment, ensuring they work interruption-free as well as improving their performance – all that is taken care of by the service provider according to the SLA you have with him.

Maintenance-free virtual workers

In addition to being motivated and diligent workers 24/7, your software robots in the cloud are also completely maintenance-free for our customers. Our engineers continually monitor the robots’ performance and efficiency and coordinate their optimization with you and your team. There is no need to train your employees on how to use complex automation software because our experts will turn your workflow descriptions into fully functioning robots. Once implemented, the robots are quite shy and prefer to work in the background. Our AaaS customers are able to concentrate on increasing their competitiveness while we are in charge of maintaining their robot workforce.

Regardless if an organization prefers a cloud-based model or an on-premise installation, we are happy to help you find a way to take advantage of the many benefits of using a reliable virtual workforce. Our experts are happy to discuss the optimal setup for you.

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