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In recent times, the development of advanced technologies, such as Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, has led to exciting new business applications. Our engineers are constantly adding features to our automation platform based on these technologies. All customers of our cloud-based service can benefit from these features.

In Robotic Process Automation (RPA), every workflow, everything a robot “knows”, has been programmed by software engineers. This works very well for rule-based tasks and the success story of RPA shows that there are a myriad of use cases for this widely-used technology.

Machine Learning goes far beyond rule-based automation

However, rule-based process automation has its limitations. A rule-based robot performing a task in an accounting process for example, can neither “understand” the meaning and context of invoices, purchase orders or contracts nor make decisions based on what it “learns” from these documents. This is where Machine Learning comes in. Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence and its goal is the artificial and automatic creation of knowledge with minimal human interference. Machine Learning achieves this by using certain algorithms, a lot of computing power and large amounts of data. Software robots powered with Machine Learning can accomplish tasks well beyond rule-based workflow execution. As a matter of fact, they can find the optimal rules for a given situation themselves which makes them much more versatile, independent and effective.

Our goal is to decrease the amount of human exception handling in business processes by combining different technologies, such as RPA, Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), or Natural Language Processing (NLP) and making those available to customers in our cloud-based automation platform.

Current examples of Intelligent Automation

Right now, organizations are learning how to exploit their own data more effectively and extract the benefits that arise from the insights they glean from it. Simply by automating the analysis of purchase orders and receipts, one of our customers can spot fraud attempts in real-time and trigger corrective action before things get out of hand. Another one of our customers has measurably improved customer satisfaction by automating a significant portion of their unstructured e-mail correspondence and by linking a ticketing application to their invoicing system.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to revolutionize the future of administrative and business processes. We at Intelligent Automation by NORIAN will make sure that your business is equipped for that future.

Tomi Paapio

Tomi Paapio

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