Rely on our business process expertise

Business process management experts in NORIAN Group have combined hundreds of years’ experience. As a customer you can take advantage of synergies between our Intelligent Automation expertise and our deep understanding of processes in finance and accounting, HR, customer service, procurement and IT.

Human decision-making and software robots complement each other

We aim to improve the way humans interact with the machines at their workplaces. By maximizing these machines’ efficiency and capabilities, we contribute to eliminating the monotone, demeaning and time-consuming repetitive tasks that often rob our time, energy and resources.

In our understanding, software robots complement human decision-making, experience and creativity. Human workers will always be needed to intervene when unforeseen circumstances arise or when an expert’s judgement is needed. Therefore, most processes cannot be totally automated, nor is it possible to completely eliminate humans in even the most automated workflows. Based on this principle, our experts identify areas with automation potential and guide your organization with a long view perspective to maximizing your strategic competitiveness.

Combined resources from automation and business process management

NORIAN Group has assisted customers for over twenty years in simplifying their business processes. A large resource base of 800 finance and accounting specialists in NORIAN Group provides stability and scalability for even the largest automation programs. In this light, one of our strengths is the ability to combine traditional nearshoring approaches with Intelligent Automation. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Tiia Turkki

Tiia Turkki

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