Your robots’ performance at your fingertips with our live dashboard

Would it not be great to know exactly what your software robots are working on at any given time? To have data at your fingertips proving that invoice postings that used to take several minutes are now done in seconds? To see at a glance that error rates in your data migration project have been reduced to almost zero? Having your own customized real-time dashboard gives you total control of your robot workforce. Based on live data, the dashboard provides high-level overviews over your robots’ performance as well as actionable insights.

Real-time data analytics to gain actionable insights

While your robots are tirelessly working in your financial, payroll and other systems, they not only get the job done – they also generate valuable data. Everything a software robot does is recorded in a log. However, having the data and being able to utilize it are two different things. Therefore, we send the data to a powerful business intelligence engine that visualizes key insights in a dashboard with an easy-to-use interface. That way, the meaningful, actionable insights are available to your whole organization and nothing gets lost in the flood of data.

See for yourself what our robots are working on

To give you an idea of what a customer live dashboard looks like – below is a live view of a part of our own cloud-based robot workforce generated in real-time with aggregated, anonymized data.  Your customized customer dashboard would of course include more data points and drill-down possibilities, based on individual requirements.

Dashboard tailored to your needs

The dashboard can be customized and adapted to your needs. Often used data points are

  • busy and idle times to help you optimize robot utilization,
  • transaction times,
  • or different success/error rates that help you fine-tune robot performance and that can serve as alert triggers.

Because our engineers have access to the same data as you, we can assist you in analyzing the findings and determine the right course of action. Rely on live data for your decisions and eliminate guesswork from business process optimization. Contact our experts to discuss how real-time data analytics can help improve your business.

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